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Radiator Suppliers

Being a Supplier of Radiators and their related components, we at PAKU Components deliver best quality products, covering whole range of products like Aluminium Radiators, Aluminium Radiator Cores, Intercoolers, Fibre Top-Bottoms, Condensors, Oil Coolers, Fan Motor Assemblies and much more.

The Brands of products we mainly deal with, to supply best quality products include Cougar, Banco India, and Akshay Industries.

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Paras Shah

Arihant Auto Agency

I have been working with PAKU Components since their inception. And I am so glad to say that I was one of their initial clients. Since I working with them, I haven’t got the need to find anyone else. Thorough professionals who know what to deliver.

Mahaveer Jain

Reliance Radiators

I have placed PAKU Components many orders this year and I can say that there wasn’t even one order in which I had to return, exchange or even complain about the delivery and the products. Amazing work.